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Apple CM 1984

Mac 1984 Sound
Macintosh 1984 TV Advertisement

Supper Clock Time

MicroMac Performer
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Mac SE/Plus/128k
Mac SE / Plus / 128K
Oscar The Grouch

The Grouch

Recommended Software
Old Mac Software Puppy Love
Puppy Love
Old Mac Software Life & Death
Life & Death
Old Mac Software Grand Prix
Grand Prix
The Macintosh's first great game.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass


Mac Plusを分解
Mac SEを分解
Word / Excel Ver1

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Vintage Mac Museum's Friends

Old Soft 3

Old soft 2
Digibarn computer museum> all done in the 68k Old Macintosh GUI!

the mothership> -Unusual site from Japan! (And you know how much we like the unusual) Check it out!

LINKTRONICS> Very nice Japanese site with awesome graphics dedicated to classic Macs.

OLD-COMPUTERS.COM> Nice dedicated website with tons of screenshots !

DMOZ open directory project> Screenshots of vintage Macintosh software.

Ma.gnolia> Vintage Macintosh screenshots of tons of software.> 1 bit Old Mac Screenshot Gallery from by Motohiko.

TECHPODCASTS.COM> Motohiko Narita's extensive collection of screenshots of Old Mac software from the monochrome 9-inch screen era.

Astoria> by Motohiko Narita is “9inch/mono Display 68000 Vintage Macs ONLY”. It features screenshots of all the systems compatible with this kind of Mac, and of an incredible number of programs and games, including very old versions of Photoshop and the infamous MacPlaymate.

Another Computer Museum> This is nice site in Japan about the oldest of Macs, the 68000 based compact Macs.

THE APPLE COLLECTION> 1-bit Screenshot of Old Macintosh soft.

Old Soft 3
Macintosh SE, plus,128kの9inch/mono DisplayでOld Softwareを起動、画像をキャプチャー。

Old Macintosh( The Apple II, Mac SE, plus,128k )が教育界で担った功績と開発コンセプト。

Vintage Macintosh(Mac SE, plus,128k )でキャプチャーした、Old Software(ゲーム、グラフィック、ユーティリティなど)を画像で紹介。

Macintosh SE, Plus を分解、分解手順や内部を写真で詳しく紹介。

Old Macintosh及びOld Softwareの収集。

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