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by Randy Wigginton, Ed Ruder, and Don Breuner of Encore Systems1984
MacWrite , the Macintosh Word Processor MacWrite icon

Mac Write
With MacWrite you create documents that look the same on the screen as they'll look when you print them. Rather than working around a lot of commands embedded in your text, you always see what you've really got. You use the mouse to select text and remove,
copy, or move it. You can customize your documents with many fonts and styles, and you can control margins or line spacing with a single dick.
You can add MacPaint or MacDraw graphics to documents you create with MacWrite or vice versa. With Macintosh, words and pictures mix beautifully.
- Macintosh Plus Owner's Guide
MacWrite Manual
MacWrite Manual
MacWrite Box
Mac Write2.2
1984年に発売されたMacintosh 128KにMacPaintと共にバンドルされたMacWriteは400KフロッピーディスクにSystem1と共に十分収まる(346Kバイト)容量で設計された。
開発は当時Encore SystemsのRandy Wigginton(ランディ・ウィギントン),Ed Ruder, Don Breuner の手による。


MacWrite was a word processor application released along with the first Apple Macintosh systems in 1984. It is important as the first such program that was widely available to the public to offer WYSIWYG operation, with multiple fonts and styles. Together with MacPaint, it was one of the two original "killer applications" that propelled the adoption and popularity of the GUI in general, and the Mac in particular.
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CLARIS Corporation 1988

CLALIS MacWriteにはCairo, Mobileはもちろんのこと他にも、Toyland, Faces, Icon, Doodadsなどの愉快なフォントが入れられていた。
CLARIS MacWrite Floppy Disk
CLARIS Coporation 1989
MacWriteU Things changed in the later 1980s with the introduction of MacWrite II. The main changes for this release were an updated user interface, a number of new "style" capabilities, and the inclusion of Claris's file translator technology, XTND.
MacWrite II was the first really new version of the software. By 1989 Word already dominated the Mac with about 60% market share, but the introduction of MacWrite II changed things dramatically; by 1990 Word had dropped to about 45% of the market, and MacWrite about 30%. This seemed to demonstrate that it would be worth developing further, but Claris did not respond quickly with updated versions.
Mac Write Pro In the late 1980s Claris started a massive upgrade series to produce the "Pro" line of products.
MacWrite Pro 1.5
Why express ideas with just words when you can enhance them with graphics, charts, and even sound using MacWrite Pro! Upgrade today from MacWrite II to MacWrite Pro, and get over 130 new features that can really add impact to your documents. MacWrite Pro includes: style sheets to develop, save, and reuse styles in any document; WYSIWYG display for editing at any zoom level; fast spell-check log in multiple languages; easy table creation; desktop-publishing functions; test wrap around artwork and tables; character tracking for professional looking type; automatic save and backup; System 7 support including PowerTalk, QuickTime and AppleScript.
Requires: Mac Plus or higher; 1MB RAM(2.5MB for System7);System 6.0.5 or later
ClarisWorks Ver1.0
Claris Corporation 1993
クラリスワークス ClarisWorks icon

ClarisWorks Ver2.0
Claris Corporation 1994

CLARIS Works Info CLARIS Works2 Info
ClarisWorks 2.1for Mac
ClarisWorks 2.0 for Mac includes Quicken 4.0

Clarisworks for Kids 1.0
ClarisWorks for kids Product Specification: FileMaker Clarisworks for kids
Media Format: CD-ROM
Pricing Level: Standard
Version: 1.0
License: Complete package
Required OS: Apple MacOS 7.1 or later
Required Memory: 10 MB
Required Disk Space: 30 MB
Product Type: Retail
Language: English
ClarisWorks for kids

Claris MacWrite