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The object of this game is to occupy the space of the German Headquarters. Use your tanks, airplanes and soldiers to accomplish this task across a 11x 9 grid. Good sounds and graphics.
soft dorothy software 1990

This game is similar to Rollerball. You compete against the Mac in an arena where a ball shoots out from the side. You must pick up the ball and shoot it in your goal. Excellent sounds and graphics and requires good mouse dexterity.

Pararena is an action computer game for the Apple Macintosh computer originally written in 1990 by John Calhoun and released as shareware. It is a mouse-controlled ball game where two players compete on hoverboards in a parabolic arena with two "goals" on the sides. The objective is to gain scores by getting the ball into the other player's goal and, on the other hand, to protect one's own goal. The ball can be held for a while by squatting on it (holding the mouse button down) and then thrown to the current direction. If a player is tossed out of the arena still holding the ball, the opponent will get a score and the player will respawn in a few seconds.
The game is situated in space and the two competing teams are called "Earth" and "Taygete".
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ジョンカルフーン氏(John Calhoun)によって所有されているSoft Dorothy SoftwareはPararena, Glypha, およびGlider(Glider Proへバージョンアップ)などMacの歴史に残る傑作シェアーウェアゲームを多数発表。

Casady , Greene社は、Macintoshのためのシェアウェア製品のSoftWare出版社として1984年にRobin Casady氏によって設立された。
1988年、CasadyWareとGreene, Incが合併、設立されたCasady & Greene社がSoft Dorothy Software製品の取り扱いを開始。
以後、Glider, Glider Pro , Pararenaを除き、多くのGame Softが開発を続けられなかった。
しかし、Sky Shadow, Piper, Silicon Casino, Crystal Crazy, Mission Starlight, Glider, Glider Proなど数々のMacゲーム史に残る名作Softwareを取り扱ってきたCasady &Greene社も2003年には会社を閉じた。
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